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Álbum da semana: The Soundhouse Tapes (1979) - Iron Maiden

Album: The Soundhouse Tapes
Ano de lançamento: 1979
Tipo: estúdio
Faixas: 3
Músicos: Paul Dianno (vocals) / Steve Harris (bass / backing vocals) / Dave Murray (guitars / backing vocals) / Doug Sampson (drums) .

Quer saber a história na íntegra desse lendário álbum? (Clique aqui). Mas em resumo: trata-se do EP que revelou o Maiden para o mundo. São apenas 3 faixas em menos de 12 minutos, mas bastou para convencer Rod Smallwood e a EMI!

Texto no verso do EP:

"Every so often, one special band emerges from the mass of untried and unknown hopefuls which fill the streets of the rock world. Iron Maiden is just one such band, bringing with their emergence, a style of rock music, so hard, gritty and honest in its delivery that only success can justify their hard toil!

The tracks on this E.P. were the first ever recorded by the band and are the authentic unremixed cuts taken from the demo tape recorded at Spaceward Studios in Cambridge on December 30th 1978, and, subsequently presented to me in the Soundhouse a week later.

After one hearing it was obvious that Iron Maiden would become one of the leaders of present-day heavy metal, combining the sort of talent and hard drive that the music world must not ever ignore"

Neal Kay

Link de Download!


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